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Spring 3 MVC and JSON Response

JSON stands for Javascript Object Notation, and is a good alternative of XML for data transfers these these days. To know more about JSON visit In this tutorial we will explore generation of JSON response in Spring MVC. Tools Used Eclipse Tomcat Jackson 1.7.1 Spring 3.x Maven Project Structure This is a maven based […]

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Access properties file values in Spring MVC Controller class

Spring 3 provides a clean way to configure and use properties file to store placeholders. Let us assume that we have a properties file and want to use it’s properties in our spring config and java code. Our file looks like below In my spring-servlet.xml config file i configure it like this Note the […]

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Interceptor in Spring 3 MVC

Interceptors are very important to a web framework/application. MVC frameworks like Struts 2 implements most of the framework’s functionality via Interceptors. In general intercepts are used for the purpose of implemeting User Authentication, Logging, Hibernate session management via “Open Session in View” design pattern etc. In Spring 3 we can add an interceptor by implementing […]

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