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Get source JARs and Javadoc from Maven repository

Sometimes you may want to use Javadoc feature of your eclipse IDE so that you may be able to refer the source code and javadoc while using some API. Option 1 Following maven commands come in handy for these purposes: First command attempts to download *-source.jar files for the dependencies listed in your pom.xml and […]

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Installing Maven

In this tutorial we shall see installation of Maven. Maven is a Java based tool so you should have Java installed on your machine before installing Maven. Click here to download and install Java Maven can be downloaded from here Windows 2000/XP Unzip the distribution archive, i.e. to the directory you wish to install […]

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how to convert maven web project into eclipse project

To convert a maven web project into eclipse importable format you need to use the maven eclipse plugin as below or above command will create your eclipse artifacts and also build your project. in my pom.xml i configure eclipse plugin as below Skipping tests using maven surefire plugin is not recommended, but sometimes you might […]

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Installing maven eclipse plugin

Eclipse IDE does not provide out of box support for Maven which is our favourite build tool these days. You can install m2eclipse plugin to provide code assist while editing pom.xml and support for building maven project from eclipse. From Eclipse menu select help –> Install New Software –> Add and put following m2eclipse plugin […]

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