Raspberry pi : Installing Citrix Receiver

I have been using raspberry pi 3, Model B as my primary computer for a few days now. I have installed Raspbian Jessie on it. Through this series of posts i plan to share details of how i set it up for my everyday use.

First requirement for using it as my personal computer was to be able to connect to my office vpn network using raspberry pi. This required Citrix Receiver installation on Raspbian.

Well i could not find a packaged installation via install command

sudo apt-get install ….

We will need gdebi package installer to install. If you don’t have it installed then use below command to install

sudo apt-get install gdebi

So below are the steps to install:

Step 1. Download Citrix Receiver package

Use below link to download .deb package


Page lists a few pacakges. The one we are interested in will be under
Debian Packages –> Web Package –> Receiver for Linux Web client (ARM HF)
At the time i installed on my pi the latest package was icaclientWeb_13.3.0.344519_armhf.deb

Step 2. Install Citrix Receiver package

I downloaded the package in /home/pi/Downloads directory. So cd to that directory first and then run the gdebi command to install Citrix.

cd /home/pi/Downloads
sudo gdebi icaclientWeb_13.3.0.344519_armhf.deb

Step 3. Fix ssl certificate error

When i tried to login i got “ssl error 61” which got fixed with following command

sudo ln -s /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/* /opt/Citrix/ICAClient/keystore/cacerts

Thats all I had to do. I could see it installed under Menu –> Internet –> Citrix Receiver.


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