instanceof operator in Java

instanceof operator in java can be used to find whether an object is an instance of a particular class or not. This is handy when you pass and object as an instance of Object in a method argument and later inside your method code you may check what class is the passed argument an instance of and accordingly cast the generic Object instance to a specific object.

package com.bharat.instanceofdemo;

package com.bharat.test;

public class InstanceOfOperatorDemo

  public static void main(String[] args){

    InstanceOfOperatorDemo t = new InstanceOfOperatorDemo();
    t.testMethod(new One());
    t.testMethod(new Two());

  public void testMethod(Object obj){
    if( obj instanceof One)
      System.out.println("You passed one");
    if(obj instanceof Two)
      System.out.println("You passed Two");


class One{
  public String a ="class one";

class Two{
  public String b = "Class two";


You passed one
You passed Two

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